Completed Projects

Client 1: Major Entertainment Studio

Situation: The client had an outdated Flash site that needed to be redesigned and rebuilt to meet shareholder and investor demands & requirements.

Solution: Provided a major redesign that met all requirements and built an award-winning site with Django/Python on the back end and Java CSS/HTML on the front end, integrating with a Content Management System (CMS).

Client 2: Technology Start Up

Situation: The client had some product success in the market place but needed to gain a large amount of additional VC investment for a strong second push in the market and had no product road-map in place.

Solution: Created a successful product road-map that led to additional funding.

Client 3: Media Start Up

Situation: The client needed to build native iOS &  native Android SDKs in order to provide analytics for their enterprise level end client.

Solution: Developed a native iOS SDK using the Swift language and developed a native Android SDK with Java for the client to successfully track analytics for their end client.

Client 4: Consumer Products 

Situation: The client needed Android and iOS development to be provided by software engineers who had previous exposure to artificial intelligence technology environments.

Solution: Developed native Android and iOS applications to client standards and according to the niche environment.